Leaving Gordons Bay 

We woke up to wet and cold weather and left for work in the dark. Managed to pack everything except Dave’s jacket but thankfully Phillip could fetch that for us. Work was quiet for me and hectic for Dave. Finally it was time to leave for the airport. The sun had come out by the time we left and I was grateful for choosing a summer top to wear. Our cases weigh 35kg and check in ran smoothly other than the fact I could not find my Visa. I was looking at the wrong date and had a brief moment of panic even though I know the Visa was there. Our luggage is checked right through to Rome. We had snacks in the SAA business class lounge. Still one of the best ones in the country. Dave did not select our seats for the Cape Town – Johannesburg flight and we got stuck in the middle of a middle row. My absolute worst, especially as the lady next to me was fairly large and I felt boxed in.  The flight was not too bad even though we left late. We were in the first lot of people off the plane and on the bus. Some young lady had half an hour to catch her connecting flight and she hadn’t checked her luggage through. She was checked onto the flight but didn’t have her boarding pass. It was the last flight of the day and I can’t imagine it worked out for her. We got through passport control quickly and made our way straight to the Bidvest lounge.  After an espresso and catching up with emails I headed for the shower. The air conditioning was not working where we were sitting so when I was done Dave and I moved. We had a snack and then made our way to the boarding gate. For some reason our boarding passes on the phone wouldn’t scan so they printed off ones for us. Boarding was a breeze but our suitcase didn’t fit in the overhead locker. They are smaller on the right hand side of the plane for some odd reason. Got everything unpacked and into the locker, which closes with ease but doesn’t open as easily. Finished off the backgammon game we started on the first flight – I won 5:4.  Dinner was Cape Malay hake curry, titanium and brie. We started with champagne, had merlot with dinner and cognac to finish. Then it was time for sleep.  This flight I chose to use a sleeping top which was far more comfortable. 


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