Civitavecchia to Olbia

The ferry crossing was really good and the bed super comfortable. Woke up at 5am and had a shower. The shower head didn’t stay up so it was like being on the barge in The Netherlands or Midi. Dave went to get espressi and croissants while I packed. We then went to the lounge to wait to disembark and had another espresso. Got off the ferry at 6:15 and seeing as there were no taxis waiting and Google maps showed a short walk to the airport we headed off on foot. However the maps didn’t realize there were no pavements and we adjusted our route until we ran out of sidewalk. With the choice of crossing the motorway or doubling back we headed back to the penultimate bus stop before the airport. By this stage it was 7:53 and we had walked 6.7km. The bus arrived at 8.11 and cost €3 and we got our money’s worth with a drive past the airport, the private airfield, to the end of the cemetery and all the way back to the airport. 

We collected the car keys from Europcar at 8:45 and went for an espresso before leaving the airport at 9:10. Our first stop was shopping in Arzachena. We then drove through Cannigione and along the coast to Capo D’Orso and Palau. First stop was espressi at Il Grillo and then gelato at Villanova. Nocciola for Dave and caffé for me which we ate walking along the boardwalk. We headed back to Cannigione and had lunch on a small beach. 

After that we went to see where the resort was before walking to Spiaggia Tanca Manna. Dave and I got our feet wet and then drove back to the resort complex and had prosecci at Lu Jaddu. 

We checked into the resort at 15:30 and less than an hour later I was unpacked and ready for coffee. We watched the Formula 1 race in Italian and then enjoyed a glass of wine on the balcony overlooking the sea. Dave made pasta sauce and cooked the fresh ricotta and spinach ravioli in the sauce as they had broken open. I was amazed at how well this worked so there’s a great kitchen hack to remember. We had Gorgonzola with biscuits and limoncello and headed for bed at a reasonable hour, having walked 11.3km for the day. 

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