Archeological Sardinia

We had a late start to our morning which I suppose is the whole point of being on holiday. While I was getting dressed I noticed a dolphin charm in the suitcase. I’m so glad I saw it as I would be devastated to lose a charm. Hopefully the jeweler can reattach it. We left at 10:20 and our first stop was Tomba dei Giganti Moru. This funerary monument is part of the archeological sites in this area from the Nuragic Age and belongs to the Nuraghe Albucciu, a village of huts. 

This included quite an impressive fortified home of the village chief. 

Our next stop was the Coddu Vecchju Tomb which is the collective burial site for the Nuraghe La Prisgiona, a kilometer away. 

This village covered several square kilometers with complex architecture. These archeological sites were settled between the fourteenth and ninth century BC. The cost for visiting the sites depends on how many you want to see. We chose only 4 as two are closed and one didn’t seem worth visiting. The cost was €11 but if you only want to see one I recommend Ls Prisgiona and that will cost €3. After our exploration we drove into the mountains and stopped in Luagosanto for espressi at Moak. Only the bars were open when we got there. We headed towards Palau and detoured via Port Rafael. The Fortezza di Monterey Altura looks very impressive. But it was too windy to walk around this military fort from 1889. Instead we drove into Palau for prosecci and snacks at Bar Vecchia Fonte. Then we headed to Cannigione and had an hour to kill before the supermarket opened at 16:30. We started by getting gelato at Ls Dolce Vita. Tiramisu for me and limone for Dave. This is a great place if you are looking for dairy free and sugar free ice cream. After a quick espresso at Linus we did our shopping and came back to the apartment. Dave white washed me at backgammon 5:0. Dinner was pasta with a simple sauce followed by Gorgonzola. There were no strawberries to be found on the island today. We walked 5.4km. 

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