Isola Maddalena

We woke up to a thunderstorm which was unexpected.  After breakfast we went to the laundry to do a load of washing. Got that hung up and left the apartment at 10h50. We drove to Palau and bought ferry tickets. We parked the car and walked to La Vecchia Fonte for espressi. We bought pastries at La Dolcezza Napoletane and then went back to the car.

The ferry docked at 11:41 and we left Palau at 11:55 and docked at La Maddalena at 12:13. We drove straight to Carfera which is a large national park with some signs of habitation both current and old. There are a lot of ruins on the island and we walked around Fortificazione Poggio Rasu. We ate lunch in the car in the middle of the forest.

On our trip around Isola Maddalena we bought strawberries at a fruit stall on the side of the road, Il Paradiso della Frutta. We could see on side of Corsica from the island. We then drove back to La Maddalena and tried to get espressi at Bar Madrau but no-one wanted to serve us so we went to Caffé Sporting where they were more friendly. To end our Italian holiday we had gelato at Dolci Distrazioni. Pistacchio for Dave and biscotti for me. While walking along the boardwalk enjoying our gelato we noticed the ferry hadn’t discharged the cars yet with 9 minutes to go before it was meant to depart. We headed for the car and managed  to get onto the ferry which left 5 minutes late. That saved us an hour and fifteen minutes wait.

From Palau we drove to Santa Teresa di Gallura. The ferry to Corsica leaves from here and we got another view of the Island.   It was then back to the apartment where I beat Dave at backgammon. We had a huge dinner, finishing up all the vegetables we cannot pack with us. It was early to bed, having walked 6.7km despite the child weather and the rain.

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