Markets and more

We are back to weekend waking times.  After breakfast we went to Arzachena to shop at the market. This is our best way of getting fresh produce when overseas. 

We had espressi and pastries at Panetteria Caffetteria del Corso and then walked around the smallest museum in Italy. Describing the history of Arzachena it was interesting to note that the village was occupied from before the Stone Age until 1421. The Saracens invaded the area and the people in the area died from a plague. The village remained devoid of life until the 1700’s. After the market we walked to the archeological museum which was closed. We bought a few things at the supermarket and then went back into the old city for espressi at Margó Café. We then drove through San Pantaleo to Porto Rotondo and Golfo Aranci. Both of which were fairly closed up waiting for the summer tourists to arrive. We ate our lunch in a lay by in the car. 

Our next stop was a wine farm. We could have had 3 tastings and an anti pasti platter at Vigne Surrau for €25. Instead we opted to go to Li Finistreddi, an upmarket hotel with its own helipad, for Prosecci. 

After that it was back to the apartment. Dave is becoming the backgammon champion. He made pasta con vongole for dinner followed by the strawberries we got at the market. We’ve been drinking a local grape varietal called Monica. Today our walking distance was only 3.8km due to the rain. 

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