Heading to Sarrebourg 

We woke up very early for a holiday morning to news of a killing of a police officer in Paris. Eric and Bev were in the midst of all the drama but thankfully unaffected. It took an hour and a half to pack up and in that time I walked 1.8km! We left the apartment at 9:30 and drove to Olbia. There we had espressi at Café Bellavista and then gelato from Panne & Caffé. Pistacchio di Bronte for Dave and liquirizia for me. We walked through part of the old city before heading to the airport. 

We put in 30.28L of fuel at a cost of €46.60 after travelling about 478km. We arrived at the airport 2 hours before our departure and waited to check in. Volotea have one counter at the airport and were offering free check in of hand luggage as the plane is full. We declined and our luggage showed something suspicious on the X-Ray so was checked. After we were cleared we went straight to the lounge to relax before our flight. 

We caught a Boeing 717 on Volotea airlines to Strasbourg, arriving 20 minutes early. We were second in line for passport control which was a good thing. After collecting our suitcases we made our way to the station to buy our train tickets. The machine was in French so thankfully someone helped us. We caught the 15:06 train into Strasbourg and missed the 15:19 train to Sarrebourg so had to wait an hour for the next one, which left from track 30, which is between tracks 4 and 5 😂. While waiting we had petit caffé. From the train we could see the canal we are going on. We arrived at the station just after Bev and Eric which was great timing. We caught a taxi to the hotel, checked in and went for coffee at Maison Oswald. Eric bought a quiche which turned out to be rhubarb tart and when we left they gave us 4 croissants. Then to the Lidl for a few things before going back to the hotel. There we had a couple of whiskys before going for dinner at the restaurant attached to the hotel. I had deer and thought the meal was excellent. Today we walked 6.2km. 

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