Saverne to Hochfelden

We woke up early as the barge we had parked in asked us if they could leave at 8:00. Despite us opening the curtains and walking outside they pretended not to see us. Eventually they left at 8:45 and we had breakfast. At 9:30 we walked into the old part of the town, starting at Place du Général de Gaulle. This pedestrian only zone had lots of nice looking shops, many of which were closed. We walked to the end of the old town, then back to the Carrefour Express where we did some of the shopping. At the start of our walk was a coffee shop so we went back to Haushalter and had coffee and tarts. Dave and Eric went back the way we had come via the charcuterie and boulangerie. Bev and I walked to the other end of the old town and found the Super U. We did the rest of the shopping and walked to the barge a different way from which we had come. We got everything unpacked and left Saverne at 12:15. Dave was told by the harbour master that locks 26 and 27 were closed for the next 2 days due to being broken. We entered a pull chain series of locks at lock 32 and came out at lock 36 in Steinbourg at 13:35. There is a holding pound between locks 34 and 35. Lock 37 starts the next chain and after it we tied up at 14:10 for lunch. At 14:45 we went for a walk into Dettwiller. If you are looking for the shoe factory you need to tie up after lock 36. There was not much to see in the town and I could not make out the Devil’s Claws on the Church. We got back to the barge at 15:25 just as a large cruise barge went past us. They got to lock 38 first, meaning we could not get through the lock we had triggered. On this route I don’t suggest stopping in the middle of a chain as the automatic system does not seem to be working. At 15:55 we got through to the lock keeper who said he was sending someone. Half an hour later Dave called back to be told lock 42 was broken and they would send someone to us when it was fixed. 

Dave and Bev went for a walk, Eric went to do the puzzle and I went to start cooking, so we missed the lock keeper who took all of 30 seconds to reset the lock. A couple of minutes after he drove away we were off again. It took us from 17:00 to 18:20 to get to Hochfelden to tie up for the night. There are no services here so we used the generator for heating. We went for drinks at Le Rondez-vous du Canal. They have the longest wifi password I’ve come across with 30 digits/letters to enter. We had a late night playing canasta with Bev in the lead. We walked 5.5km today. 

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