Hochfelden to Strasbourg

At 9:50, after breakfast and getting messages via wifi we walked into Hochfelden.

Mateor is a huge brewery having been founded in 1640 and produces 45000 bottles per hour. This is the focal point of the town. We bought croissants from the first bakery we came across and walked down the street eating them. We had coffee at Laugel before Dave and Eric went to do a tour of the brewery. Bev and I went shopping then back to Laugel for baguette and cheesecake.

We found the market which is outside the museum and is open on Tuesdays but closes at 12. We went back to Le Rondez-vous du Canal for coffee and ended up ordering rhubarb tarts to cover the costs of using his wifi. Everyone checked emails and we got on our way at 13:00. At lock 42 we entered a pull chain system. A duck and her ducklings came down lock 44 with us. We ate lunch on the stretch between lock 45 and 46. Lock 47 was the start of another chain and the light system in the lock has changed. Lock 48 had a lock keeper who also operated the swing bridge. We wanted to tie up to walk to Vendenheim but there was no space to tie up due to the moorings being taken up by barges that look like they are there permanently. The lock keeper followed us to lock 49 to tell us to tie up. There’s been no reason for us to do so, thus far, other than at the lift. At lock 50 the book told us to tie up but I’m not sure why.  We were not pulled towards the front gates at all as warned. Entering the outskirts of Strasbourg are big apartment buildings with allotments across the way from them. The pull rope at lock 51 was very close to the permanently parked barges. We went past the Conseil de L’Europe and then entered the Canal du Rhône au Rhin. We moored up at 18:00 at Quail des Belges at a cost of €47 for two nights. We didn’t venture out as it’s raining and cold. We had a huge supper, played cards and went to bed. We walked 6.2km today. 

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