After Facetiming my dad for his birthday we set off to explore Strasbourg. 

Our visit started at Au Pain de Mon Grand-Pere with croissants and kuegelhopf. The croissants we ate while walking around a street market. We bought a selection of olives to snack on. We could have got some amazing mushrooms if we hadn’t already bought some. Worth keeping in mind for this time of the year. We then went to Café bretelles for coffee. After that we walked to the Cathederale Notre Dame which is so impressive. 

This is a stunning area to just wander through, avoiding all the beggars, street hawkers, and tour groups if you can. Bev and I went to Galleries Lafayette while Dave and Eric went for a beer. From there we walked through Petit France and ended up close to the Cathederale for lunch. We had bowls of soup at Le Pilier des Angel and from there Eric came back to the barge. We carried on to the site of the Great Synagogue of Strasbourg which was built in 1898 and razed by the Nazis in 1941. 

Our next coffee stop was at La Rive Gauche. By then it had started drizzling so we hopped  onto a tram. We bought 2 24-hour passes for €6.80 each which is quite a bargain. They are for up to 3 people which worked out well for us. We went to do the shopping and came back to the barge, 7km and 7 hours after we left. We had another relaxing evening. I won the canasta game! 

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