Strasbourg to Kraft

At 9:15 Bev and I caught the tram into the central shopping district. We bought blueberries at Monoprix, a few things at Hema and socks at Printemps. We then went for coffee at Pizza de Nico where we shared a pain au chocolat. After that we walked to Place de Halles to get dinner and then caught trams back to the barge. We were back by 13:30 and had lunch and got going at 14:45. Eric let me off to walk to the lock but the gate at the end of the lock door foot bridge was locked and so I was on the wrong side of the lock. These ones are going up so we have to tie up. Dave managed with one rope and once the lock was full I got back on the barge. After the lifting bridge we had to turn sharp left and look carefully for the arrow pointing us in the right direction. Despite being told that there are sensor beacons we’ve been pulling the lock activation ropes even if there hasn’t been a sign to do so. To the right of us are the Grand Ried Wetlands. We did not stop at the Chapel of Notre-Dame-du-Chêne which was built in 1447 and used as a pilgrimage by men who steered barges. At lock 81 a piece of wood caused the one door to not open. Before Dave could get off to call them a lock keeper arrived. We were told to tie up as the repairman could not come straight away. Dave understood he would come at 7 and it was now 18:00. Dave was not sure if they meant am or pm and as this lock closed at 19:00 it made no difference. Not 5 minutes later someone arrived, sorted out the electronic problem and we were on our way. We tied up at Kraft for the night at 18:40. From now on the locks close at 17:30. Our generator starter doesn’t work so we ran the heater off the battery. We had a late evening playing cards. I’m losing this round of canasta thus far. Today I walked 5.5km. 

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