Kraft to Boofzheim

As the generator wasn’t working the hearing was working off the battery which went flat at 4:45. I ended up having a lukewarm shower so Dave turned the engine on and waited for the water to heat up before he went to shower. The heater battery had to charge before the heating started up so it was a cold start to my morning. After we were dressed we walked out of the parking lot and turned right, finding Au Cho’ Pain just over a blockaway. We bought croissants and a baguette and went back to the barge for breakfast. Our first lock was a guard lock which closes only if there is a flood. We crossed the drainage canal for the Ill and an hour and 35 minutes after we left Kraft we moored in Boofzheim. After lunch Dave and Eric caught the taxi to Benfeld which cost them €18 and a train to Strasbourg at a cost of €12.20. While they were fetching the car Bev and I walked to Rhinue. There we found a shop selling electronic goods and I bought sous vide bags. The gentleman at the store told me that they are embossed so I hope that they are, and that they work. After that we went to the Super U to do the shopping. We walled back to Boofzheim and bought pastries and a baguette at Benette. The lady gave us an extra tart so we had a lot of dessert that night. Dave and Eric picked us up after we had to SMS them as they drove straight past us. We dropped the groceries off at the barge and went to Benfeld and had coffee at Au Brocket. I had chosen a local Alsace wine called Sylvaner to drink with dinner. Dave won the canasta game and we had a fairly early night. Today I walked 6.7km. 

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