Boofzheim to Paris

We were up early and off the barge, having squeezed all the luggage into the car, by 8:50. We set a route heading for Troyer, avoiding the toll roads and drove through the Alsace Route de Vin. In Saint Marguerite we sat outside the McDonald’s and got onto their wifi to check in. Dave and I upgraded to Premium Economy. We then went in for coffee when they opened. I’ve noticed a lot of Magen David’s cut into shutters and etched onto signs and windows. We climbed 600m on the Col de Hauf which I need to look up to see if it’s on the Tour de France route. Unfortunately this climb caused me to get car sick, something that’s not happened to me for a while. We crossed the Moselle and the Canal L’est before stopping at Andelot-Blancheville for coffee at La Canderal Bar (nothing to do with the sweetener). Eric swapped seats with me which helped ease the nausea. From there we headed on the toll roads for Paris. We got off the A5 and had a picnic lunch in Clairvaux which is in the Champagne region. We then got back onto the A5 and had 2 coffee stops at service stations along the way. The car’s GPS is better than the Garmin at finding. Petrol station en-route. We stopped for Petrol 20km before the car rental return at Charles de Gaulle and put in 43.69L of fuel at a cost of €60.03 for the 572km of travelling we had done. From there we went to the Ibis Hotel at the airport where we had problems with checking in and our room key card. Once that was sorted out Dave and Eric went to drop off the rental car and figure out the shuttle. The gentleman at the Airport Information Desk was most helpful and the shuttle is the free service offered by the airport between all the terminals and the car park. Once they were back we went to Bar Rendezvous for drinks and then Sua & Cie for supper. We finished off the cheese and pâté before heading off to bed. 

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