Paris sur La Cap

We walked out of the hotel just before 7:00 and by 8:00 we were in the departure hall sitting down for breakfast. After that Bev and I did some shopping. This is the first time we’ve flown Premium Economy and it was so comfortable. The air steward organized espressi for us from Business Class. He also got us Poilly Fume from business class to go with our lunch. Bev and Eric were in comfort plus and he treated Eric to the same wine as Bev had given him a list of things to do in Cape Town. The staff have a 3 day layover and the suggestions were most appreciated. So much so that Eric even got a tour of the crew bedroom. The food was great but it was odd having our main meal at lunch time, in the European tradition. Bev and Dave swapped seats for a bit which was really nice as Bev and I could chat and Eric and Dave could do the same. It took us 20 minutes to get through passport control and collect our cases. Phil fetched us again and again it rained as we got home. It was good to be slobbered by a Boxer so happy to see her parents. We walked 3km despite being on a plane all day. 

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