Niderviller to Saverne

Dave woke up and went to the bakery to buy croissants, baguettes and pastries. After having croissants for breakfast we left Niderviller at 9am. We went through the Niderviller tunnel at 9:25. It was a short one at 475m long. We entered the Arzviller tunnel at 9:35. That one is 2.306m. At 10:30 we tied up at Arzviller and walked around. The museum has a 7600 piece replica of the lift. 

At 11:35 we entered the lift and were lowered a fair distance which would have been 17 locks. At 12:15 we entered lock number 18 heading down, which we had to wait for. We went straight in to the next two locks and then tied up for lunch at 13:10 in Lutzelbourg. We walked around the village and sadly the crystal cutter was closed as there were some lovely things in his shop. We had an issue with triggering the automatic system at lock 21 so I called the lock keeper who came to manually trigger the gates. We set off at 15:10 and in the next luck we triggered the gates too soon but thankfully the lock keeper drove past on his way back as this happened. At lock 23 there is a small self service farm stall selling preserves and baked goods. At lock 29 we went in too soon. I told Eric to go while the light was red so totally my fault. But the gates were open. The light changes are very slow. So, we called the lockeeper keeper. Thankfully it was a different person. The last lock for the day was very slow. It took us into Severne and we tied up at 18:00. The cost for the mooring is €15.88. We went for drinks at La Licorne and then came back to the barge for a delicious dinner. A really great day on the barge and we managed to walk 4.3km. 

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